The Core

By Jillian Locke

I appreciate nature and all the freedom and joy and love and connection and non-judgment it provides and exude and cradles you with. I don’t believe we were meant to be stuck inside at machines sitting at desks all day. That’s a complete soul sucker – it goes against everything natural instinct and inclination we have. We’re meant to be moving, to be outside, to soak up the sun, to be surrounded by nature and the elements. We need to strive to find ways to get back to the basics, to get our bodies back to the natural rhythms of the earth and the sea and the air and fire. Human beings are beautiful, and we are most beautiful when we’re in touch with our source, our nature, when we bring it back to basics and listen to the natural rhythm and voice within. Healing comes strongly through nature – nature amplifies every healing effect, every good feeling, diminishing every feeling of isolation and separation. Our buildings, our desks, our machines create that illusion. We need to join the energy again and see the connectedness between everything and us all. We need to release the stress and the strain and the shackles that hold us back and do what brings us joy every day – I want nature, I want woods and beach and water and strength and power and unity and community and love. I want more creativity – I am a creation, a creative being, and I am here to create. I will create my way back to nature, back to the rhythm, back to the song. I will carry this creative energy with me throughout my day, no matter what or whom comes into my experience. I will be the creative source that I AM.


I will release fear and allow love. That is the answer to all of my questions and perceived lacks and requests for abundance. Love, love, love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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