A Home for the Soul – The Business of Building a Foundation

Here is my third published article, “A Home for the Soul – The Business of Building a Foundation”!!! Find it here ~ Elephant Journal!!!

“And when you begin this clearing, that’s when the excavation process truly begins. This process can unearth shadows and black holes you hadn’t even realized existed, bringing to light those blind spirits who had spent a lifetime in a sort of dormant, festering slumber, waiting to be discovered, waiting to explode and, if you can find the strength, released.”


Also, in honor of Imbolc and Brighid, the Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Metal Working and the Hearth, I wanted to share a passage I read in “Anam Cara: Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World,” an amazing book I found in an antique store this week. It fits perfectly with the holiday, which honors Brighid and marks the half-way point to Spring, but it also touches upon one of Brighid’s greatest areas of service – sharing her inspiration and light as a muse to writers and poets. It also touches upon the very act of creation, or more pointedly, being able to create after digging into depths you didn’t even realize existed, which is something I touch upon in my article: “I was doing some of the most difficult mining I’d ever engaged in, and through that internal landscape, I found the debris of the foundation that had never been built.”


“Our feelings…can move swiftly; yet even though they are precious to our own identity, thoughts and feelings still remain largely invisible. In order to feel real, we need to bring that inner invisible world to expression. Every life needs the possibility of expression. When we perform an action, the invisible within us finds a form, and comes to expression. Therefore, our work should be the place where the soul can enjoy becoming visible and present. The rich unknown, reserved and precious within us, can emerge into visible form. Our nature longs deeply for the possibility of expression we call work…

When I left home, I entered the world of thought, writing and poetry. This work is in the invisible realm. When you work in the territory of the mind, you see nothing. Only sometimes are you given the slightest glimpse of the ripples from your effort. You need great patience and self-trust to sense the invisible harvest in the territory of the mind. You need to train the inner eye for the invisible realms where thoughts can grow, and where feelings put down their roots.” ~ John O’Donohue


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