My birthday blog…

Such a bright future ahead, such an amazing present reality, so so so SO much to be thankful for.


Writing is taking me to new heights, to new levels, realities, possibilities…by honoring and exercising my natural lightworking abilities, my life is changing before my eyes. I am changing, the people around me are changing, reality is changing. The very fabric of my life is being re-woven, re-written, re-directed, created with focus and intention. I’m shooting my internal arrow towards the future I want, releasing all self-doubt, self-pity, insecurity, threat, disbelief…


I’m coming to realize how truly my thoughts and feelings mold my life, and how letting go of outgrown assumptions, presumptions and false identities and realities really has the power to change EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything.


I came to the page today wanting to create an astounding article, but then I realized the most important thing I can do today is to come to the page for ME. The fact that I took the time to come to the page for the majority of my day IS the best present I could have given myself. It represents a huge pivot in my life – the turning back to myself, taking care and time to nurture and grow the most important part – my heart.


Finding warmth in the cold, sunshine in the stark, raw clutches of winter. Creating a sunny day after a blizzard and basking in the brilliant rays, even if they’re only in my mind. Those are the most important rays to see and bask in, because they’re arrows from the heart, aimed at the corneas and nerve endings, shooting through the trillions of passage ways and corridors of the body until they’ve permeated your being, breaking through the skin and radiating, literally glowing from the inside out. These arrows of sunshine feed into the aura, clearing it, beautifying it, purifying it. These rays create beauty, expand beauty, sending it shooting it all directions, affecting everyone they touch. These rays are the very epicenter of our being – they are the true representations of our souls, of our potentials, of everything that matters…everything that TRULY matters.


Today is yet another turning point, another experience, another miracle. Today begins the first day of the rest of my life, the first day of a truly epic, totally radical, and purely amazingly magical cycle of my thirty third year on this great green Earth. This year beings riches, travel and love beyond my wildest dreams. This year is one step closer to even more happiness, more fulfillment, more success, more bliss, more light…this year IS THE BEST YET!




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