A thought on Foundation…

I found myself going back to this piece I wrote a little while back on Building a Foundation. This has been a HUGE theme this month, especially for me. As I move forward in my new vocation and essentially, my new way of being, I find myself coming back to this notion of a   foundation and what it takes to operate as a “normal,” full-functional human being.

Let me just say that I don’t think anyone is “normal” – we all have our stories, our battles, and most importantly, our drive and inner light. It’s normal to compare ourselves to those who appear more put-together, more successful, more “with it.” But I think all of that is really an illusion and none of us are “with it” or really “there.” That’s what life is – the journey towards getting “there,” wherever that is. It’s what we make it, it’s who we are, and at the end of the day, our foundation isn’t what we were born with or what we were given – it’s what we decide it is. It’s how we decide to reinforce it, destroy it and rebuild it, or leave it as-is, if that’s what  we choose to do.

It’s all up to us – nothing is written. We are the creators, the destroyers, the livers, the criers, the shiners. We are exactly what we decide we are, and we can build our own foundations with whatever base and materials we choose, existing or new.

We can choose to survive…or we can choose to drop the shackles of survival and THRIVE THE FUCK UP.

It’s all up to us.

~An excerpt from…

A Home for the Soul: The Business of Building a Foundation. ~ Jillian Locke

“Sometimes you need to clear the area before you can begin to lay down any semblance of a solid foundation.

And when you begin this clearing, that’s when the excavation process truly begins. This process can unearth shadows and black holes you hadn’t even realized existed, bringing to light those blind spirits who had spent a lifetime in a sort of dormant, festering slumber, waiting to be discovered, waiting to explode and, if you can find the strength, released.

If you can push through the muck and the mire enough to allow light in, you can create that foundational work space. Through that muck and drudgery you may just discover validation. You may just find hope, renewal and, if you’re lucky, a seedling of compassion. You may find the reason for all of the demons that have plagued you. The realization that there’s nothing wrong with you.

It wasn’t your sensitivities or your inability to cope or operate at the most basic level—there was a real battle being waged. You’ve finally come to the front lines to see it, first hand. You’re in it, and the only way you can really release and rebuild something is to get in it.

Then comes victory, large or small; there is always some sort of ah-ha moment. When it does come, you realize you’re a fucking superhero for arriving at this juncture in your life in the condition you have. You know you can do anything and that nothing is impossible. No load is too heavy to bear and, at this point, you’re a work horse anyway, having carried so many crushing burdens for so long and still showing up for more.

This is the moment when being a survivor transforms into being a thriver.”




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