March Madness – Manifestation Station!

March Is All About Movement & Manifestation. ~ Jillian Locke

I felt really compelled to write about the radically shifting ebbs and flows of the current month. I always check out the Power Path‘s website for monthly themes and moon updates, and March has been SO intense that I really wanted to share some personal experiences and insights in hopes of helping to navigate through the tidal waves we’re all experiencing!

That being said, things are really starting to fall into place. Just when you want to give up, maybe find yourself wallowing in self-pity, beating yourself up over the repetitive cycles that you are SO over and done with (or at least wish you could be), and simply feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall with nothing more to give and nowhere else to turn.

That’s typically when the universe shows up and throws you a life preserver. When you’ve hit rock bottom, you know, deeeeep deep deep deep down inside that the only way to go really is up, even if you have no idea what that first step is. That’s when giving yourself over to trust and to having faith and patience in and with the process of things is really the only way out of that hole. Sometimes, relinquishing control and allowing yourself to stop trying so hard to find a solution is the exact non-action that allows for exactly what you’re searching for to step into the spotlight.

The most amazing and compassionate things you can do for yourself right now is to hold on, center yourself, ground yourself and ride those tidal waves with the least amount of resistance possible. Let your mind and body go and just surf. Give yourself over to the energy and the process, whatever it may be. Become the freedom you’re seeking, from whatever is holding you back or tying you in knots, and once you’ve taken that sensation of watery, flowing liberation into your bones, then your body and mind will follow.

Make the best use of this Piscean energy and harness it for when the time is right. If you let yourself go, you’ll know exactly what to do and when. Listen for cues, feel for signals, and then JUMP. You won’t even have to question – everything molecule in your body will KNOW.

“Take your power back. Take it, hold it, nurture it and release it, but only when it feels right. These are the lessons we’re all learning right now, so just know, when all feels lost to chaos…you’re not alone.

Build community from the chaos and then see what kind of new order and community is revealed with the outgoing tide.” ~Me





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