Breaching the surface…and staying there.

Truth – today was a killer day. Every single day lately has offered myriad opportunities and challenges for growth and expansion and of course, the choice to walk away from said challenges. The choice to turn a blind eye when the universe offers up exactly what I’ve been asking for…the choice to succumb to fear and doubt and to let those shadows paralyze me as they have so many times before.

Big changes are happening…BIG changes. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a better place in my life…EVER.

Now my greatest challenge is accepting happiness, success, expansion and endless possibilities of more. More of everything amazing. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from the bottom of some of the deepest holes I’ve found myself in is that it’s up to me whether I get out or not, and in how many pieces I’m in when I find the sun again. And when I do finally emerge, it’s up to me to decide whether I’m going to finally accept the light or recoil back…

But I’m finding that those holes are becoming more shallow, and the once arduous ascent is transforming into a more fluid succession of gentle epiphanies, stacking themselves in a sort of airy staircase to support me as I climb.

It’s becoming easier and easier to keep my face turned towards the sun. One day at a time, as the saying goes; one moment, second, breath, thought, idea, spark, action. One leap of faith, in small, gentle increments, eventually turns into a golden ladder of steady, secure ascension.

And this is how a foundation is built from nothing. And when this foundation – the foundation YOU built – is complete, it’s almost as if it was always there. As if the process were nothing at all. Because it was always there, waiting to be discovered, cultivated. It was there, just waiting for you to keep your head above ground long enough to let the light in.

This is the year of the snake, and I’m shedding a 33 year-long skin. One day a time, one piece at a time, the light is making its way in.


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