The Glorious Liberation and Devastating Agony of Truth. ~Jillian Locke

This past Mercury Retrograde was all about deep, intense emotional work. Sifting through everything we’ve been turning a blind eye to – things that are just not willing to remain silent. Buried issues and emotions are sick of trying to get our attention, so they take it by force. This process can be beautiful and liberating…or it can be as agonizing as we choose to make it. Every challenge presents an opportunity, and every opportunity presents a choice.

“The most liberating day in your life is the day you allow the voice you’ve been restraining to ring loud and clear, shattering every wall and excuse and illusion you’ve spent half a lifetime carefully putting into place. We’re all our own greatest protectors, our most fierce guardians, our most radiant, powerful rays of light. And when we let that light shine, when we breathe life into that ancient, forgotten voice, we reclaim our lives.”


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