I Say F*ck Fear—That’s When Your True Journey Begins. ~ Jillian Locke

“The year of the snake has been exceptionally intense for many, many people. Engagements, babies and divorces are unfolding left and right; people are waking up to pursuing their hearts desires, whether through release or commitment. New chapters are being written every day, and even through the most heart-wrenching pain, there is freedom and liberation. There is a new road being traveled, one that we hope will bring us closer to the true calling of our souls and hearts.

We all want happiness, fulfillment, peace and bliss. We’re all creatures of habit, and the worst, most familiar habits are always the hardest to break. But by breaking through these stagnant routines, patterns and bonds, we emerge. We blossom. We become more of ourselves when we allow the easy, graceful flow of energy that we’ve been blocking out of fear.”



2 thoughts on “I Say F*ck Fear—That’s When Your True Journey Begins. ~ Jillian Locke

  1. Thank you so much for such this lovely article and so beautifully said! Very inspirational and something i needed to hear again today! Thank you for making my day start with more ease and breath flowing through me, as I move forward towards joy and peace… Letting go, while is hard for all it brought to your life … But, When it’s time to say goodbye, release… letting go feels so much lighter and free… And Allowing for brighter new beginnings to finally emerge…

    1. Letting go does feel so much lighter and free…and it’s all about creaking the cracks in the darkness to let the light shine in on you, like a flower blossoming, feeling naked and exposed to the sunshine for the first time. And I have found that I’ve experienced this over and over and over again in my life…it’s never too late to embrace your freedom and welcome the liberation and possibility and unknown potentials it can and WILL release!

      Thank YOU so much for your beautiful words – even if we read a sentiment or an affirmation once, twice, maybe three times, it always needs to be seen, read and heard again and again until the deeper meaning hits home! XOX!

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