Resist the Illusion of Isolation & Shine. ~ Jillian Locke

The point of this piece is the exact reason I write – I find the more I write, the more I connect. I’ve reached and connected with people that I would have never found had I not put my heart out there for everyone to see…and in doing so, I realize how many other people feel the same way, are going through the same transitions, and find comfort in the words of someone else, just as I do.

It’s all about connection and community. I find that a similar theme keeps coming up in my writing – we’re all connected. Fighte fuaighte – woven into and through each other. This theme keeps coming up for a reason – because it’s so important in this chaotic time of transition. We’re all struggling to find our footing in the midst of all the watery, emotional turbulence that we’re caught up in. We’re all struggling to swim, but when we realize the struggle to stay afloat is the exact action that’s holding us back – that’s when we can truly release the ego, let go of our personal story and surrender to the (so much) larger picture at hand.

“We are better together. We are better when the ego falls away and the heart reins supreme.


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