Storms of release…

Release. Storms are straight-up release, nature’s way of purging the frustrations built up through the hazy, foggy summer air, air that suffocated our minds and hearts. Air that forced us inside when all we wanted to do was burst into the woods, arms legs and eyes outstretched, seeking only expansion and our own release.

And with this intense lashing out comes a lift, a rise in vibration that allows clarity to come back; clarity of breath, clarity of hearing, clarity of sight. It renews our senses and lifts the veil, allowing us to see what’s really been growing inside over these sweltering summer months.

With so much time spent in the shade, who knows what’s ready to blossom into the cool, welcoming wings of the fall.

This is all new. The year of the snake has rounded its last turn, and home base is in our sights. Our shedding is nearly complete, just a few more scales until we’re fully free of the constraints of the old, outworn layer of protection we’ve so desperately held onto. If we learned our lessons this year, we’ve loosened our grip and opened our eyes to possibilities and opportunities and an entirely new way of life we perceived as impossible.

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Absolutely nothing. The only impossibilities are those we create and impose on ourselves. WE make our destinies. WE create our lives. WE alone are responsible for how full we make this experience. We always have the power to change and shake things up. We always have the ability to expand and WANT MORE.



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