One Last Whiskey by the Fire. ~Jillian Locke

“I’ve come to love old ghosts. They’re there for a reason, and the sooner we sit and sip a whiskey or two with them, the sooner we come to understand them, hear them, and work with them, the more peace we’ll find. All they are, are faded reflections of ourselves that desire just a little of our time to impart a few more gems of wisdom before they depart.

I think we owe them that; it’s akin to honoring our ancestors, because our old ghosts are really just ancient whispers of ours hearts and lives that have accompanied us, side by side, through one energetic cycle to the next. These faded whispers that we carry in our hearts just want one final conversation, one final whiskey by the fire, before they return home and leave us to our continued unfolding.”


2 thoughts on “One Last Whiskey by the Fire. ~Jillian Locke

  1. Who ARE you? I love you, in an instant…this instant. Please, keep expressing yourself from your heart, and your mind, and your guts. For some reason, out of all the many expressions I see, yours hit me, exactly, dead center, bullseye, in my heart. All the best, David Regan

  2. Hi, David – I’m Jillian! 🙂 SO glad this one resonated so deeply with you – I always go through crazy transformations this time of year, and I can feel the process starting already. As I was writing this, I could literally feel myself moving from one season of my spirit into the next, and I really wanted to capture the moment before the next leg of my journey began. Thank you SO much for your beautiful comment – these ALWAYS fuel my fire to keep going!

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