The allowance of trust…



Engage in things that bring you so much joy and light your soul aflame that the universe can’t help but respond in kind. Do what makes YOU happy – do the things that make your soul SOAR. Build your community by LIVING your truth – other lights will find you if you put yourself out there. In this season of hibernation there is also another underlying theme – going within to clear out what no longer works, and then emerging to head out and connect what does. Allow those points of life entry into your experience by purifying your body, thoughts, heart and spirit to make space and allow these new energies entry.


This is where TRUE wealth lies. In the heart. Clarity of heart, of heart-centered vision, desire, passion – getting clear on the true yearnings of those pathways will always lead you to what you truly need, whether you know what that need is yet or not.


Your heart will ALWAYS lead the way to your pot of gold.


That’s true TRUST. That’s real faith. That’s the stuff that magically weaves magic around your life. That’s the stardust that brings light and miracles to your doorstep. Now all you have to do is invite it in and then step aside to allow its entry.




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