I’ve recently started working PR with a team that I’ve been absolutely dying to collaborate with. Their work stands for itself, be it in the form of award-winning documentaries, music videos or commercials.

This is my first effort to help them get the word out about something more personal. Co-founder Mike Pecci has created something of such quality that MARVEL COMICS is trying with all its might to shut it down. Let’s do our part to spread the word and get his film SEEN!

Read this, share this – be a VOICE!


Our stories define us. Truly, they do. They tell where we’ve been, the things we’ve seen, done, and sometimes, for better or worse, the paths that lie ahead.

But some stories were made to be re-written. The beauty of stories and the characters that bring them to life is just that – LIFE. Within every story exists a spark of untamed, wild creation; a seed that, at any moment, has the potential to launch a story of its own. All it takes is a vision and the drive to grow that seed.

Enter Mike Pecci.

Co-owner of McFarland and Pecci Productions, Mike is well known for his photography, documentaries, music videos and independent films. But, just like any story, Mike’s spark also had a beginning, and that beginning was birthed through inspiration – comic books.

Inspiration took hold in the form of Frank Castle. So Mike grabbed that inspiration by the balls and ran with it; the monster that reared its threatening head was one of a caliber so high and quality so compelling that the only choice that the powers that be had was to suppress it:

“While we appreciate your affection for the character, we must demand that you immediately stop your unauthorized use, advertising, sale and/or distribution of any production of The Punisher or any other Marvel character-based films therefor, and any other use of the images, likenesses, artwork or other intellectual property owned by Marvel. “

The Dead Can’t Be Distracted, Mike Pecci’s re-telling of the ultimate tale of love, loss and revenge, has raised some serious hell.

Let him tell you why.

I believe that there is a way to create a better and more successful Punisher on screen. Not just for the comic book fans, but for fans of action films, fans of violence, and fans of the iconic antihero. Frank Castle is more than a man with guns – he is a dead man on a mission. He needs to finall…
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