Let’s Consummate this Homecoming. ~ Jillian Locke

This is my latest piece for Elephant Journal. I haven’t written anything in about two weeks…not to say I haven’t tried. It just hasn’t been flowing the way I’ve wanted it to.

I gave it another shot this morning, but in a different style. I think I’ve been getting bored with some of my articles, feeling like they’re sounding the same. So, I changed it up.

This is kind of intimate…kind of personal. But I really like the way it came out. And it somehow has over 300 hits already without being featured on the main page and without me sharing it. Hmmm.

Hope you enjoy. XOX.

“I hope I don’t blind you. I hope the explosion isn’t too much for you to handle. I hope you’re strong enough to handle the universe that I’m revealing to you…and only you.”



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